“…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” – a statement all too true today as it was when Benjamin Franklin first wrote it. Not only are taxes a definite in life, but it is a part of any and everything we do. While taxes pay for many of conveniences we take for granted on a daily basis, there is no reason for you to pay more than your fair share. The Patel Law Group can provide you with the planning and advice to help you minimize the amount of taxes that you pay.

Tax Controversey

A normal taxpayer will normally face three types of tax issues. The first is when a tax is improperly assessed. The second is when the tax liability has grown too large for taxpayer to handle. The third is when the IRS is knocking at your door ready to collect. The attorneys at the Patel Law Group have experience assisting clients with these and various other tax issues.

Tax Planning

As stated previously, tax is a part of almost everything you do, and as such it should never be ignored. The tax implication of a transaction should be considered to understand the real value or cost of the transaction. The tax implication should be considered by all parties in a transaction not just a seller. The tax cost could be a factor in your decision to accept a deal or the tax benefit could be used as a bargaining chip in your negotiations. Our professionals at the Patel Law Group have the experience to evaluate the tax implication of a transaction and provide you with the advice to minimize the tax cost or utilize the tax benefits.