Business Transactions

Business Transactions

The Patel Law Group, PLLC represents small, midsized and large businesses in a variety of transactions ranging from formation to sale. Our numerous business clients include technology companies, manufacturing companies, staffing companies, retailers, restaurants, hotel/motel operators and lodging franchises. A sample of our business transactions services are as follows:

Business Formations: Our firm’s attorneys have advanced degrees in business, tax and law which ensure an in-depth knowledge of our client’s operations and help us partner with clients to ensure that they use the most beneficial company structure including LLCs, corporations, partnerships, PLLCs and limited partnerships.

Company Agreement and Partnership Agreements: Our firm’s attorneys have experience drafting LLC company agreements and partnership agreements under the laws of various states including Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Corporate Documents: Our firm’s attorneys have experience drafting corporate bylaws, stock certificates, stock ledgers and organizational minutes to ensure that our clients’ corporations and LLCs are in compliance with all applicable state and federal law.

Franchise Agreements: Our firm’s attorneys have experience reviewing and negotiating franchise agreements with some of the largest restaurant and lodging franchises in the world.

Business financing: Our firm’s attorneys have experience working with banks, alternative lenders, SBA lending institutions and investors to ensure that our clients’ businesses are properly financed to advance each business’ interests.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting: Our firm’s attorneys have experience advising our clients in structuring and drafting agreements with key parties including vendors and clients.

Employee and Independent Contractor Agreements: Our firm’s attorneys have experience advising clients on whether to engage independent contractors or employees to undertake tasks and how to ensure that all employees and independent contractors are properly engaged. We also have experience drafting employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Company Sales: Our firm’s attorneys have experience representing our clients in mergers, asset sales and stock sales to domestic and foreign acquirers.