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  1. What is a GP General Partner Fund in Real Estate?

    Texas securities attorney Chris Barsness discusses the increase in GP funds being used as alternatives to traditional real estate funds and what makes them different.

  2. FTX Indictment, Securities Fraud Complaint Against SBF

    Securities attorney Chris Barsness discusses the recent indictment against SBF, formerly of FTX fame, and the securities fraud charges by the SEC and the years of (alleged) setup, misrepresentation, and outright lies to investors and the public.

  3. Fraud, Fraud & More Fraud. More FTX, Crypto And Blockchain Securities News

    Securities lawyer Chris Barsness discusses recent SEC actions and criminal indictments related to FTX and separate $45 million crypto fraud.

  4. Employers! Non-Competes May Soon Become Unenforceable Under New FTC Rule

    Chris Barsness discusses the new proposed rule from the Federal Trade Commission that would make nearly all non-compete clauses (including existing agreements) unenforceable to employees and independent contractors.

  5. USCIS Further Expands Premium Processing Service in 2023

    In 2022, USCIS began the process of expanding Premium Processing for EB-1C and EB-2 Petitions. For more information on this, please see our previous article: Now in 2023, USCIS is completing its Premium Processing expansion for the EB-1C and EB-2 classifications. Starting January 30, 2023, a Premium Processing request (Form I-907) can be filed with…

  6. USCIS Proposes A Hike In Fees To Reduce The Backlog

    On January 4, 2023, USCIS posted a notice of proposed rulemaking to adjust filing fees. Certain fees, particularly cases filed using form I-129 (H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, etc.) could potentially see significant hikes as well as EB-5. Here of a brief overview of some of the notable proposed fee increases: Immigration benefit Current fee Proposed fee…

  7. Gaining Through Giving

    Like most people, I can’t believe it’s time for another new year to begin, and the guilt-ridden, annual ritual of confronting last year’s resolutions that failed to materialize.  Although a few of my resolutions never came to fruition, I did follow through on one commitment–to engage in more volunteer work assisting communities in need. I’ve…

  8. New Version Of Form I-485 To Be Used From December 23, 2022

    USCIS has released a new version of Form I-485, which must be used from December 23, 2022. This form can be found at: This form is intended for preview only and should not be submitted prior to December 23, 2022.  This form becomes mandatory on the aforementioned date which means that the current version…

  9. How To Take Advantage Of The 540-Day Automatic Extension For H-4 Holders

    When USCIS announced that H-4 holders would qualify for an automatic extension of their EAD, this was praised as a move in the right direction.  However, the caveat to this rule is that to qualify for an automatic extension an individual needs to have a valid I-94. The automatic extension was initially 180 days, but…

  10. SEC Publishes Strategic Plan For Fiscal Years 2022-2026

    On November 23, 2022, The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) released its Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2022 through 2026, detailing its mission, vision, values, and goals moving forward through the next four years. Three main goals guide the SEC’s plan: (1) protecting the investing public against fraud, manipulation, and misconduct; (2) developing and implementing…