Berenice Boe

Senior Paralegal

Berenice Boe has been an Immigration Paralegal for over eight years.  She began as an Employment-Based Immigration Paralegal for a medium-sized firm with offices in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Mid-way in her tenure there, her focus shifted to Family-Based Immigration.  Once promoted to Supervising Paralegal, she provided training and support to legal assistants, paralegals, and entry-level Associate Attorneys in all immigration processes.  In her most recent role as a Paralegal with a small firm in Dallas, Berenice’s work included preparing and documenting cases primarily related to Employment-Based Immigration.

Having been through the US immigration process herself, first as a DACA recipient and now awaiting her Citizenship interview, Berenice fully understands the importance of having the right team handling immigration matters, as well as communicating timely and effectively for the duration of the process.

Berenice holds an Associate of Arts degree from Tarrant County College and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Texas.