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  1. To Sue or Not to Sue, That is the Question

    This article discusses one of the most pressing questions in Immigration today. Whether to sue USCIS in Federal Court over a delayed or denied case. Although this article is written with H-1Bs in mind, it can equally apply to other cases such as delayed or denied H-4s, H-4 EADs, L-1s, I-140 petitions and even EB-5….

  2. Evictions in the City of Dallas During COVID-19 

    As of: May 6, 2020  On April 22, 2020, the City of Dallas, acting through the Mayor and City Counsel executed Ordinance No. 31521 with the following purposes: (i) providing for a COVID notice of possible eviction by residential landlords before a notice to vacate, (ii) creating a COVID hardship notice for tenants, and (iii)…

  3. Evictions in Texas During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Eviction Under Normal Circumstances In Texas, eviction is controlled by a combination of Texas law, United States law, county ordinances, and the terms of the agreement (if any) between the landlord and the tenant.  This means that the eviction process depends on a lot of different factors, and the procedure for evicting a tenant can…

  4. PLG Podcast – EP.1 Introduction To Bankruptcy

    Jonathan Gitlin and Brandon Smith two senior attorneys at the Patel Law Group discuss the basics of bankruptcy in this inaugural episode of the PLG podcast. We hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer: Nothing herein constitutes legal advice nor is intended to form an attorney-client relationship. This podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

  5. APA litigation and Mandamus filings general information

    Filing a Federal Lawsuit under the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) is one way in which employers/individuals can challenge unlawful agency action.  Similarly, a Mandamus action can be filed where the agency fails to act within a reasonable time. Exhaustion Requirement Filing suit in Federal Court does not require an employer/individual to exhaust administrative remedies such…