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  1. DHS is Taking Final Steps for The Publication of a New H-1B Regulation

    The current administration is now taking a big step in its agenda to restrict immigration. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking the final steps for the publication of new H-1B regulation. It is going to be the first time that this administration’s restrictions on H-1B visas will be officially published under a rule….

  2. District Court Refuses To Issue Nationwide Injunction Against The April And June Presidential Proclamations, Except For Diversity Lottery Winners

    As most of you will be aware President Trump issued two Proclamations, one in April and the second one in June of this year.  The first Proclamation suspended entry of Immigrants into the U.S. for 60 days for those without a valid visa or travel document.  The second Proclamation extended the first one through December…

  3. Proving Financial Ability To Pay The Proffered Wage For An I-140

    One of the requirements to obtain an I-140 approval is that the Employer demonstrates the financial ability to pay the proffered wage from the priority date until the foreign national receives their green card. The priority date for EB-2 and EB-3 is established based on the date the PERM/Labor certification is filed.  For EB-1 filings,…

  4. Offenses That Make Someone Inadmissible Or Deportable

    If you have been charged or convicted of a crime you may be concerned about how this will affect your Immigration status.  Certain offenses can make you inadmissible and/ or deportable. However, before we start discussing these offenses it is important to understand the distinction between the grounds of inadmissibility and deportability as different rules…