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  1. The Three Keys To A Great Law Firm

    After over 15 years of practicing law and being fortunate to own my own law firm for most of that time, I began to ponder what clients really look for in selecting a law firm.  Last year brought businesses many challenges that we never would have imagined we would face when 2020 started.  With these…

  2. Important Considerations When Choosing An Entity Structure

    Why do I need an entity? The primary reason clients set up an entity is to separate the liability of the business from the individual owners. We represent many clients who need assistance in choosing the right entity structure for their business. What’s the best type of entity for my business? In short, it depends….

  3. What do my investors expect from a fundraise?

    Our firm is often engaged by real estate investors and entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital for their projects or companies.  A company may raise capital as either debt or equity. To raise capital as equity, a Company must undertake an offering of Securities. The definition of Securities in the Securities Act of 1933 (the “Securities…