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  1. 2022 Syndication & Fund Review

  2. Can I become a US Citizen with a DUI?

    Applying for Naturalization can be a daunting process but for those who have DUI’s the process can be even more problematic. In this video PLG Partner Chris Prescott discusses the impact of having one or multiple DUI’s on your record and how this can affect your ability to demonstrate good moral character, one of the…

  3. What is a GP General Partner Fund in Real Estate?

    Texas securities attorney Chris Barsness discusses the increase in GP funds being used as alternatives to traditional real estate funds and what makes them different.

  4. FTX Indictment, Securities Fraud Complaint Against SBF

    Securities attorney Chris Barsness discusses the recent indictment against SBF, formerly of FTX fame, and the securities fraud charges by the SEC and the years of (alleged) setup, misrepresentation, and outright lies to investors and the public.

  5. Fraud, Fraud & More Fraud. More FTX, Crypto And Blockchain Securities News

    Securities lawyer Chris Barsness discusses recent SEC actions and criminal indictments related to FTX and separate $45 million crypto fraud.

  6. Employers! Non-Competes May Soon Become Unenforceable Under New FTC Rule

    Chris Barsness discusses the new proposed rule from the Federal Trade Commission that would make nearly all non-compete clauses (including existing agreements) unenforceable to employees and independent contractors.